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Third Limb of Yoga

Welcome back, Yogis!  Today we will be learning about the third limb of yoga, the Asanas.  This is what most people imagine when they think of yoga, at least here in the United States.  Asanas are the physical postures or yoga poses.  Originally, the meaning for asana was a comfortable seat.  So naturally, asana can take the form of sitting (as in meditation) or moving your body into a different position or shape (poses in yoga class).  While moving into different asanas, we can focus the mind through breath and work on our stability and stillness.  This is often why you hear Krista during a yoga practice class remind you to remember to breathe.  By practicing different asanas a person can begin to develop or better develop their ability to concentrate.  Working through asanas also helps to strengthen and tone the body and create flexibility.  It is important to note here, as always, flexibility is not the ultimate goal in yoga. Deepening your spiritual self is.  Doing all this work on the inside will reflect on the outside as you become more centered and experienced on your journey.  It is important for the outer body to be as healthy as it can be to help create space to explore the inner self.  While Patanjali does not extensively provide us directions with the asanas, he does offer general advice.  This advice translates to the practice of asana should be firm, but pleasant.  According to Patanjali, a good pose is one that stretches and strengthens simultaneously, in all the ways the body needs, in order to create optimal physical alignment.  In other words, an asana should stretch and strengthen you in the way you need it to be aligned and centered with your outer self as well as your inner self.  Asanas can range in difficulty depending on your practice.  Some of the most common asanas you will work through in a class with Krista are downward dog, mountain, cat/cow, various warrior poses, and corpse pose.  If you have never taken a class or are curious as to what these poses are, feel free to contact Krista or you could sign up for a class at  There you can find information on all the classes offered at Aligned with Green Wellness!  Hope to see you there!

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