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What to expect: 

The very first session in this process is a dedicated health history intake session. Prior to this intake session, what will happen is you’ll fill out a detailed intake form, and then in your health history intake session, you’ll be meeting with me to go over all of the details that you provide on your intake form. I’m looking to really expand upon those details, so that I can learn as much of your story and your health history as possible. 


Once I have your information in hand, then it’s time to schedule you for the second part of your AWG Case Review to discuss an assessment of your case, and answer any initial questions that you might have. Most importantly, begin to make some recommendations that you can walk away with and start working on, or implementing, right away. So you’re going to walk away from this 2nd session with a list of action steps on an action form put together by me specifically for you. I’m also going to include a couple of other educational tools as a part of this premier case review. In addition to your action form with your recommendations, I’m also going to include something called a Health History Timeline. The Timeline is a document that will help us both have a clearer understanding of your history, your health concerns, and your symptoms so that I can help map out your next steps together. It’s kind of like a roadmap for our work together, and we’ll use that timeline as a guide moving forward as I work with you. After the Timeline has been established, I put together for you something called a Functional Matrix, which helps us to classify your symptoms and health concerns by your body’s different body systems. Then in turn, that’s going to help us determine our focus and how to best support you moving forward. We call those three documents the Functional Nutrition Starter Kit—the action form, the matrix, and the timeline.  I will also be making suggestions on movement/exercise, sending recipes and meal support as well as be available for quick responses to questions via text, and availability for private texts during this timeframe. This typically last around 2 months but could take longer depending on the client’s availability and schedule.

The financial investment of the AWG case is going to be a one time financial investment of $175. Once the AWG case review is complete, you and I can discuss how frequently you would like to meet for any follow up or subsequent sessions. And of course, that’s where the real work happens. Where we can really dig in and begin to do that deeper work with ongoing support and follow up sessions.


The financial investment for any follow up sessions with me is going to be $75 per one hour session. And those sessions are going to be scheduled and paced according to your needs. Usually, I like to allow a bit of time in between those sessions so that you can actually implement the recommendations and track your progress. So those sessions might be spaced anywhere from two to four weeks apart. And again, we can work out the time frame of that together.

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