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Everyone is talking about Pilates, but what exactly is it? Pilates is a series of repetitive movements that stems from the core to promote strength, stability, and flexibility. It is good for beginners and fitness pros alike. Pilates focuses on the quality of movements rather than the quantity. While there is a strong focus in pilates on strengthening the core, the goal of pilates is to condition the whole body making your body strong and balanced. Pilates is also gentle on your body but challenging at the same time. It is considered a low impact form of exercise that is good for your joints as well as muscles. Through pilates you learn how to move safely and more efficiently. At Aligned with Green Wellness Studio, you can take a mat pilates class or work with Krista on the Pilates Reformer. The Pilates Reformer is an amazingly versatile piece of equipment that is capable of intense and dynamic full body workouts.

Pilates is more than just a hot topic in the exercise industry right now. Pilates was created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates and brought to the United States in 1923. There has been plenty of research and studies conducted on the benefits of Pilates in the century it has been practiced. Some of these benefits include improved flexibility and mobility, improved balance, improved mood and decreases stress, enhances body awareness, and enhances sports performance while prevents injury. The goal of pilates is not just a lean, strong body. It is to develop functional and sustainable movements to strengthen the body and improve every day activities.

Improved Flexibility, Mobility, and Balance

Pilates is good for improving your flexibility, mobility, and balance. Being aware of your body and the controlled movements and keeping the transitions smooth between exercises creates a low impact exercise that builds strength and control. Pilates is a good combination of strength building and stretching. It focuses on body alignment and working the whole body instead of just parts.

Improved Mood and Decreased Stress

By using body awareness, Pilates can down-regulate the nervous system. Focusing on simple and effective movements and your breath, Pilates helps to lower the cortisol levels in your body, making you feel less stressed. Also, exercise helps to release endorphins in your brain to improve mood. Pilates also encourages playfulness by trying new positions as you exercise.

Enhanced Sports Performance and Injury Prevention

Another excellent quality of Pilates is an enhanced sports performance while preventing injuries. Pilates enhances body awareness which makes the body better able to respond to stimulus. Pilates exercises were created to balance the body, lengthen tight areas, and keep your mobility. Research has shown that athletes who incorporate pilates in their workout routines displayed improved speed, improved vertical jump, and gains in muscle mass.

There are many benefits to pilates. The best thing about taking a class is that you are there at your own level. It is an exercise that you build up and into. You gain strength and balance at your pace. Pilates is about using your breath and body to create balance and harmony while building strength, flexibility, and mobility. If you think you would like to experience a Pilates mat class or schedule a one on one session on the Pilates Reformer, you can find the schedule and book at Krista would love to see you!

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