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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

With Yoga becoming ever more and more mainstream as an exercise, it is important to remember that yoga is so much more than that.  Yoga is more than just another way to move your body and gain flexibility and maintain or improve your level of fitness.  Yoga is a lifestyle and a way of living.  Without  going too far into the history of yoga, please note that yoga dates back to 4,000 to 5,000 years ago.  Rishi Maharshi Patanjali, who is considered the Father of Yoga, created the eight limbs of yoga to walk the path of wisdom and enlightenment as well as help us to experience eternal bliss and Divine consciousness.  Yoga is so much more than what society has tried to tell us that it is.  Yoga is more than just trying to twist and fold your body into crazy shapes and breathing through it.  Yoga is a chance to slow down and connect with yourself. Learning the eight limbs of yoga is extremely helpful with this.

For the next few weeks Aligned with Green’s blog will delve into the eight limbs of yoga and explain what they are and how to practice.  If you have further questions, please email Krista for help or check out one of her great yoga classes (see schedule for dates and times!) Without further ado, the eight limbs of Yoga are as follows:

  1. Yama - Restraints

  2. Niyama - Observations

  3. Asana - Posture

  4. Pranayama - Breathing Practices

  5. Pratyahara - Withdrawing the Senses

  6. Dharana - Concentration

  7. Dhyana - Meditation

  8. Samadhi - Enlightenment

If you are new to yoga or just looking to deepen your practice, learning about and understanding the eight limbs of yoga can be helpful and beneficial.  While at first it may seem complicated, the limbs are really guidelines to help you live a happy, healthy, and purposeful life.  Who doesn’t want that?!?  By having an understanding of these eight limbs, you start to understand a yogi’s life philosophy.  This is a philosophy that helps to harmonize the body, breath, mind, and spirit.  Having these aligned helps create a fantastic outline for living well.  If this sounds like something you want and need in your life and for your life, stay tuned!  The next post will be all about the first limb, Yama.  One last thing, always remember that you are a work in progress.  You don’t have to master one limb of yoga to progress onto the next.  Yoga is all about the journey.  Exploring as you go.  Remember just to do the best you can, when you can, with what you have!  

Please see Krista’s full schedule at  Aligned with Green Wellness offers a wide variety of yoga and pilates classes as well as other great services!  Remember, if you have any questions please contact Krista at Aligned with Green Wellness or stop in the studio located downtown at 117 East Main St, Crawfordsville.

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